The Giant Steps Scratch Pad, Bb Edition

155 licks and patterns to help you master Coltrane changes.

Available in C, Bb, Eb, and bass clef editions, "The Giant Steps Scratch Pad" gives you 155 licks and patterns to help you improvise like a master over Coltrane changes.

Plenty has been written about the theory behind Coltrane changes. "The Giant Steps Scratch Pad" is the first book designed to help jazz musicians actually improvise on John Coltrane’s benchmark tune. In it, you’ll find
• a brief overview of “Giant Steps” theory
• insights and tips for using this book as a practice companion
• 155 licks and patterns divided into two parts to help you cultivate facility in both the A and B sections of “Giant Steps.”

"...a practical approach to Coltrane changes that will challenge advanced players and provide fundamental material for those just beginning to tackle the challenge of 'Giant Steps.'" –Ric Troll, multi-instrumentalist, composer, owner of TallmadgeMill Studios

"...a wealth of great material that will be of assistance to students of jazz at all levels of development." –Kurt Ellenberger, composer, pianist, jazz educator, author of "Materials and Concepts in Jazz Improvisation"

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